The Weaver Image Box

The Weaver Image Box is a new photo presentation product. Measuring 11×14 inches, The Weaver Image Box comes with 20 card mounts with 8×12 inch lustre photo prints.

The Weaver Image Box has been designed with luxury in mind. The Weaver Box itself is a black, hand-made presentation box that is finished with a beautifully textured material and a silky-smooth black ribbon. The Weaver Box is made from an incredibly sturdy, long-lasting material and is of the highest quality. The deep, bevel-cut white mounts fit snugly inside the 11×14 inch folio box and hold 20 high quality lustre finish 8×12 inch prints of your choice from your wedding day.

The top cover of the Weaver Image Box is also secured using magnets. This provides your prints with extra protection when closed and gives the Image Box a really solid construction.

In order to elegantly remove the mounts from the box simply pull on the extra piece of ribbon provided.